About Me


I am a violin maker and restorer in vienna working on opening my own shop in 2023.
Together with 5 violin makers we are the collective “violin craft vienna“ – that’s Henriette Lersch, Gerlinde Reutterer, Martin Rainer, Roland Schueler, Usa von Stietencron and myself. Our first and so far last event was „Quartett Gebaut Gehört“, where 16 violin makers from all over Europe came to the famous viennese "Konzerthaus" and built a whole quartet within 4 days. Other projects are still in initial stages, but in May 2022 we started our collective Cello which is planned to be finished by the end of the year.
In Spring 2022 Usa and I wrote an article about plaster casting of closed instruments which I will happily publish here as soon as it has been published in the BVMA Quarterly (British Violin Making Association's journal). The amazing pictures where taken by my colleague Martin Rainer.