Since I first got in contact with violin making I was fascinated by the possibilities in instrument restoration. 
I find it extremely exciting to find the perserverance and focus needed to finish this often year long processes to transform a non functioning old object into a sounding instrument. 
The skills and craft-techniques needed for these projects are under constant enhancement, I also don’t keep a distance to the benefits of routed patches and edge duplication. 
Another speciality that I learned from Usa von Stietencron are the advanced plaster casting techniques. In Spring 2022 we wrote an article in the BVMA Quarterly Journal on this topic.   [Article]

Instrument Making

The Cello "Montagnita" I built in my free time. I constructed the outline with the help of François Denis Drawing Method. It's a half size Cello (which is why I added the "-ita" to it, the small sister of the big Montagnana Cello) and was built for Ulrike Stumpfl. 
Neck, Ribs and Back are made from flamed pear wood sourced in Austria. The spruce for the top is also from the austrian mountains.

At the moment I am working on a full size Cello. Again I constructed the outline usind François Denis method which this time is based on a Gofriller Cello which I scaled to a modern standard length. It will be a wollowback Cello with Neck and Ribs from maple.

Education and Experience

I received my violin making training at the renowed violin making school in Newark-on-Trent (UK). Before and while I was there I visited multiple workshops for work experiences: Usa von Stietencron (Vienna), Bas Mas (Amsterdam), Franz Übelhör (Linz), Jonathan Woolston (Cambridge). In 2017 I finished the school and came back to Austria.
2017-2018 I worked for Franz Übelhör in Linz (Upper Austria) learning all the important routine jobs and also some making and varnishing of instruments.
During 2018-2019 I was also employed by Henriette Lersch in Vienna carrying out mainly restoration work on Cellos.
Since 2019 I have been working for Usa von Stietencron and Martin Rainer in their co-workshop at Stuwerstraße Vienna. My tasks were extensive restoration work, set-up and repairs for our costumers instruments as well as bow repair and rehair. 
Since Spring 2022 I am working on starting my own workshop in Vienna.